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Horseshoe Falls, Mt Field National Park

Tasmania (Australia)



Brad Grove is an Australian Landscape Photographer based in Bundaberg, Queensland and specialising in artistic, emotive landscape imagery.

He captures images from some of the most beautiful locations on earth and has a unique style of photography.

This website's Gallery showcases a small selection of his work. All images are for sale in a variety of formats and can be purchased or licensed here online.

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Greenpoint "Boat Graveyard"

near Bluff, New Zealand.



An image needs to be more than just a graphical representation of an object or place. 

A well crafted photograph needs to tell a story, stimulate the emotions, create intrigue or elicit some reaction.

For me, artistic photography

is almost all about


Wheat Field near Zainabad, Gujarat, India.


Portraiture (both candid and posed) taken from the streets of some of the most interesting countries including India, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Photography which does not fall into the  categories of "Landscape" or "People". This includes "Still Life", "Nature", "Conceptual" and other genres.

Landscape and Waterscape images captured at some of the most beautiful locations in the world including Australia,

New Zealand and Iceland.

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Autumn leaves, Queenstown Botanic Gardens, New Zealand 




If you are a local or visiting the Bundaberg, Wide Bay area (Queensland) and

would like help with your photography, I can make myself available for

one-on-one tuition, guidance or assistance. 

I use Canon DSLR camera bodies and may also be able to help you 

with specific issues relating to this brand of equipment. You may

simply want advice during a photo shoot or just learn the basics in an

informal environment.

New Zealand

If you are planning a photography trip to New Zealand, I may also be

able to provide advice as I have extensive experience photographing the

South Island.

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* Very competitive hourly rate.

Brad Grove Photography

Wheat Field near Zainabad, Gujarat, India.


I bought my first DSLR camera early in 2010, initially with thoughts of taking better quality travel pics. At that point, I had absolutely no comprehension of the journey I had just started. By mid 2012, photography had become an obsession and I considered myself a serious enthusiast. This was a time of intense learning and I explored most photography genres, but I soon discovered that my primary focus and passion was landscape photography.

Nowadays I am not one for bright happy travel shots (they're far too common and generally sterile). Instead, I prefer the darker side (more emotion and mystery). I also enjoy street portraiture and will sometimes bias an overseas trip with this specifically in mind.

As humans, we process light very differently to a camera. Like many landscape photographers, I have developed my own style while working towards producing images which are closer to how I see, feel and experience the scenery around me. I am not one of those "purists" who obsess about making it all happen in the camera. For me, It is more about objectives and the final result. Consequently, post-production has become a very important part of my work-flow.

Although I have been influenced by other photographers in the past, these days I tend to just "do my own thing", and that means shooting what I like, how I want and generally enjoying the process with a view towards trying to produce images which satisfy me.

I have been published (National Geographic, Australian Photography Magazine, several online articles/interviews eg. ViewBugLifePixel) and had some success in various competitions, but I've reached a point where I no longer pursue such things with any serious intent, although I do  passively share my work via social media and various websites (like this one).

That said, there is no doubt that It is quite satisfying when others find your work to their liking. In 2014 I sold an image to the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), in Washington, D.C. The image was printed 2.36 metres tall x 7.46 metres wide (24.5 ft x 7.75 ft) and stands in the foyer of the organisation's global headquarters (take a look).

It was very satisfying to see what they had done with my photograph but, these things are not what drive me. I can't imagine living life without being able to capture those special moments and places.




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Brad Grove is an Australian Landscape Photographer based in Bundaberg, Queensland and specialising in artistic, emotive landscape imagery.


His photography has been recognised and published by various online and print media entities such as National Geographic, Australian Photography Magazine and others.

All images in the Gallery are available for purchase (license or print). Print products include canvas, framed, fine art, greeting cards, phone cases, tee shirts, coffee mugs and more. Simply browse at your leisure and explore the product range by selecting an image you like.

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Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Nabowla, Tasmania (Australia).